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The Wedding Package

Wedding Day: 2 Hours
Bachelorette Party: 6 Hours
Bachelor Party: 6 Hours
  • in Cadillac Deville Stretch Limo $900
  • in Ford Excursion Super Stretch Limo $1225

The St. Louis Trip

Trip To St Louis w/ Multiple Drops: 6 Hours
  • Bar Drops & Guided Recommendations
  • Casino
  • Restaurants
Next Day Pick Up: 2 Hours
  • in Cadillac Deville Stretch Limo $600
  • in Ford Excursion Super Stretch Limo $775

How To Choose Your Limo Company

Meet Your Expectations
Ask your limo company when the vehicles are cleaned; after each contract; once a day; etc. The best limo companies clean them after each job, thoroughly. You deserve the best and that means clean vehicles outside and inside… That’s Party Time Limousine!

Feel Safe
Ask if your limo company has full insurance on the vehicle which includes the standard medical coverage in case there is accidents so you have protection for the outside chance of something happening. Ask about the driver and his driving experience, do you do background checks, do they have D.O.T. physicals annually, have they or are they required to take random drug and alcohol testing? Make sure you are comfortable knowing who is behind the wheel of your limo… at Party Time Limo, we make sure we follow the Department of Transportation’s strict guidelines!

Comfortable Ride
How often does your limo company provide vehicle maintenance to ensure comfort, reliability and safety. Our drivers are required to inspect their vehicles daily and report any vehicle issues for immediate attention. Certified mechanics maintain our fleet for preventative maintenance as well as any needed repairs. This ensures a safe and enjoyable trip in a vehicle that offers all of the functionality of its components for our customers to utilize… Always at Party Time Limousine!

Professional Chauffeurs
What are the dress codes of your drivers? Are they in uniform continuously for the whole evening? Are they always groomed for professional appearance and provide chauffeur etiquette? We are always in a black suit, white shirt, black tie and professionally groomed at Party Time Limousine!

Do your rates include fuel charges, taxes, administration fees, gratuities, additional stop and pick up fees? At Party Time Limo you receive an hourly charge and a 15% gratuity charge… That’s all! No other hidden charges!

When Do Your Charges Begin and End?
Do the charges start when they leave their garage or at the time of pick up? When do the charges stop? It is simple at Party Time Limousine… Our charge begins when we pick you up and ends when we drop you off! You shouldn’t pay for a limo company’s drive time to get to your point of pick up and you don’t at Party Time Limousine!

Party Bus
A party bus is a great way to travel with a large group, but be sure to check out the seating arrangements for the Party Bus you are about to rent!!

How Long in Business?
How long the limo company has been in business should give you a good idea of their reputation. Ask questions about the history of the business to make sure you feel comfortable using their services!

How Many Vehicles?
Usually, the more vehicles a limo company has the better! Ask about their fleet size, variety of vehicles and all options!

Additional Pricing
Often times extending the evening will cost more than the normal rate. If you feel you may need to extend your evening when planning the trip, make sure you find out the details in advance!

Cleaning Fee?
Most limo companies will tell you upfront what the cleaning fee will be. If they do not, make sure that you ask so you are aware of all charges that you may incur!